video Upconversion - live action & cgi

AstroRes live action & cgi upconversion services give clients a clean upscale result that eliminates various artefacts of SD video. However, the unique goal with this material is to preserve and improve organic textures for the true-to-life quality expected of real world HD images.

AstroRes allows for the upconversion of live action content sourced from any digital or analog standard definition broadcast format, be it DigiBeta, Betacam or as far back as quadruplex. Material stuck on consumer-grade formats such as VHS or LaserDisc can also be upconverted similarly.

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video Upconversion - cel animation

AstroRes upconversion services have allowed clients to convert cel animation from Laserdisc and Betcam into Blu-ray ready quality that they could not find elsewhere.

Cel animation differs in many ways from digital animation, causing AstroRes to handle it uniquely:
  • Restoring physical texture of cel line art
  • Restoration of background paint texture
  • Regraining to restore its filmic character
  • Removal of lens artefacts, i.e. chromatic aberration
  • Removal of telecine artefacts

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Project A-ko © 1986 Soeishinsha / Final-Nishijima. Appears courtesy of Discotek Media.

video Upconversion - digital animation

AstroRes have upconverted early digital animation–that were drawn, painted and composited in SD resolutions–to picture quality that can compete in the modern HD era.

AstroRes upconversion on pre-HD digital animation can achieve the following:

  • Crisp 2K or 4K clarity resembling native HD digital drawings.
  • Removal of composite artefacts
  • Repair of residual artefacts from incorrect deinterlacing
  • Restore textures on background paintings

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film - 2K/4K/6K scanning

It has never been a better time to scan film! 4K+ film scanning is now the most affordable it’s ever been, and hardware evolution has allowed film scans to resolve more detail than ever before. AstroRes can bring you among today’s best quality commercial film scanning for remastering old content as well as scanning new content for digital intermediates.

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film - restoration

From dust & dirt, to splices & burns, to even missing frames! These are all common problems with old film that AstroRes is able to help our clients with in order to bring their films back to life.

We offer physical ultrasonic cleaning to get as much dust, dirt and scratching off the surface of the film before scanning.

Digital restoration tools can then be used on scans to fix persisting problems such as:

  • Flickering
  • Deep scratches
  • Tape & splice marks
  • Gate weaving & instability

Grain management can also be necessary for some film, in order to have greater flexibility in post.  We offer:

  • Light grain reduction
    • This can help strong grain look less distracting, while ensuring the film maintains its filmic character.
  • Full grain reduction with detail preservation
    • Our temporal degraining solution can remove grain while preserving high-frequency detail such as natural skin, hair, clothing and environment textures within the contents of the film. 

film - color correction & grading

Color plays an important role in presenting the full quality of film and our AstroRes colorists take the utmost care in restoring original colors on film scans, as well as grading to the intent of the creators.

With expertise on modern color correction toolkits, such as Black Magic’s DaVinci Resolve, AstroRes offers colorist services at various levels:

  • One Light
    • This is a single color adjustment applied across an entire film reel’s scan with settings that ensure no loss of information via clipping or crushing.
  • Color timed
    • Film can vary in brightness and tinting from shot to shot. This level of correction applies new settings for each shot to ensure color and tone are consistent across entire scenes on the reel.
  • Full color grading
    • At this level, AstroRes provides full flexibility to the client in deciding the look of the final film scan.
      • Animation: this service can remaster the animation so that the look of the original animation cels are restored.
      • Live action: this service allows for a client to customize the color palette to their liking and not be restricted to what film stock was used at the time of shooting.

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